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Serving the Tri-Valley Since 1986

Welcome to Hearing Services, your resource center for optimum hearing care and service in the Tri-Valley area. Our goal is to provide advanced, experienced hearing care services you can trust. We have provided our community with cutting edge hearing technology for over 25 years and strive to maintain excellence by providing the newest and state-of-the-art hearing instruments.

In both our Pleasanton and Livermore offices, our friendly staff and hearing health professionals will greet you with a smile as you walk in the door and provide you with experienced service in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists or hearing instrument specialists, or you walk-in to have your current hearing aids cleaned and checked, you are assured top quality service and affordable products.

At Hearing Services, we are dedicated to giving back the sweet sounds of life. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about hearing health for you or someone you love, you’ve come to the right place.

"As a retired physician who provided health care, I am very sensitive to what happens when I am on the receiving end. My experiences at Hearing Services have been examples of how it should be done. As my hearing deteriorated it became clear to me that I might have to give up my medical practice because I was having serious problems understanding my patients’ speech. Ken Billheimer provided me with a pair of hearing aids that completely and unobtrusively solved the problem for the 10 additional years I continued my medical practice. It was age, not my hearing, that finally led me to retire. I unreservedly recommend Hearing Services to anyone whose hearing is impaired. You couldn’t find more competent, caring, and responsive help for your hearing problems than at Hearing Services."

- Donald Rice, M.D.